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Behnam Rahmani

Director of Process Department

Electrical and Instrument Department


ANIN is a consultant engineering company with a 30-year history which has pursued the goal of providing services in the form of a complete set of services in all technical fields since its inception. Accordingly, the company’s Electrical & Instrument Department started its activities with the aim of providing the various services described  below. It should be noted that the realization of the mentioned goal, i.e. providing a complete set of engineering services, in the EI Department due to the variety of owners and services provided, requires careful, rapid and flexible planning so that at the same time it is possible to fulfill their current obligations and develop them to accept the opportunities ahead during this period. For this purpose, continuity in improving technical and managerial knowledge in different layers of human resources of this Department has been one of the needs that has been taken seriously in line with the overall goals of the company. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of providing various  services and doing specialized works in different fields, identifying experts and focusing on technical issues has been of great importance.

In order to manage time, as well as to manage forces and not to permanently deploy them at the head office, management of working at home, with the help of appropriate software and careful planning, was placed in the department’s program, the positive results of which have been evident even during the coronavirus period. It should be noted that although almost all organizations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and were forced to amend their schedules in order to fulfill their obligations, this company was  able to fulfill its obligations with complete satisfaction without delay or delay in its work.

Capabilities of Electrical and Instrument Department


Following the above-mentioned explanations, it should be noted that ANIN Co. is able to provide the following services in electrical and instrument department:


     Providing project management services     Higher supervision      consulting          Supervision          Workshop engineering

  • Services for formulating appropriate organizational methods and structures for projects
  • Planning & Designing Control Services
  • Offering work referral services and work failures to different departments and groups
  • Engineering Services
  • Product services including equipment procurement
  • Construction & Installation Services
  • Monitoring services including quality control of products and services
  • Launching warm/cold start up and work activity handover
  • Operation period services
  • Estimating, and controlling the contractual scope
  • A site detail time schedule and a program for hiring the qualified work force and supplying contractor’s machinery
  • Having plans to eliminate interference during work
  • Work permit and order
  • Supervising workshop tests
  • Identifying defects and disadvantages of the executed works and commenting on fixing the shortcomings

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Providing consulting and design services in industrial projects including steel, copper, lime and …
  • Offering consultant engineering services and design services in commercial, office, residential projects including high-rise complexes and buildings
  • Offering consultant engineering services and design services in sports, welfare, cultural, religious and educational projects
  • Offering consultant engineering services and design services for hospitals and medical centers

It should also be noted that part of the documents provided by Anin Solids Mechanical Engineers Company in design projects using our long persistent work experience as well as technical knowledge of experienced individuals, with the help of modern software, based on the latest version of standards, are as follows:

  • Elect elective maps of heating and cooling systems
  • Lighting System Maps & Calculations
  • Network system maps and UPS
  • CCTV Remote System Maps
  • Phone System Maps
  • Sound & Paging System Maps
  • Fire Extinguishing System Maps
  • Control System Architectural Maps
  • P&ID and PFD Maps
  • Project Signals List Document
  • Logic Diagram Documents
  • R-I/O and PLC Panel Maps
  • Technical specifications of instrument and data sheets
  • Purchasing engineering documents including MR, evaluation and selection of suppliers
  • Metering and estimating based on the price list of the Planning and Budget Organization
  • and other necessary documents
  • Preparing a description of the services and conditions of the treaty
  • Preparing a list of project loads and selecting the electricity distribution scenario
  • MV Level Boards Maps
  • LV Main Level Distribution Panels Maps
  • Motorhome Boards Maps
  • Calculations and adjustment of relays
  • Transformer Sizing Specifications and Calculations
  • Technical specifications and calculations of diesel generator sizing
  • Technical specifications and calculations of charger and UPS battery sizing
  • Lighting Panels Maps
  • Preparing lists and calculations of cables and their paths
  • Cable Route Maps
  • Earthing System Maps & Calculations

Providing inspection services for products and instruments including:

  • Electrical instruments & products
  • Instruments & Product
  • Control System Instruments & Products


Performing EPC contracts in:

  • Industrial projects including steel, copper, lime and etc.
  • Commercial, office and residential projects including apartments complexes and high-rise buildings
  • Sports, recreational, cultural, religious and educational projects