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Ehsan Yousefi

Head of Civil and Structure Department

What Department of Structure & Civil Does


Departmen of Structure & Civil in ANIN Co. is capable of doing the following activities and operations based on its experience, technical knowledge, qualified and competent staff, software, standards and a strong archive:

Performing design, rehabilitation services and preparing executive plans for a wide range of types of structures as follows:

Industrial, semi-industrial structures and … Copper, steel, cement and … factories

various types of buildings such as Official, residential, commercial, recreational, educational, military, tourism, hotels, stadiums, high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, shopping malls, Religious complexes, hospitals, banks.

drawings, calculation booklets and technical specifications using the most up-to-date software and the latest edition of internal and international codes.


The construction supervisory team of the ANIN Engineering Group consists of experienced engineers during the structure’s execution from the beginning to the end of the project based on the description.

Engineering Services:

  • Review the design of the structure if necessary, and propose changes.
  • Determine the method of monitoring the structure and the stages of the site visit.
  • Preparing forms and agenda and periodic reports.
  • Provide a list of test labs.
  • Preparation of checklists related to the implementation of structures at different stages of the work to control the quality of implementation.

Referral Services:

  • Referral of the required services during the construction period, such as mapping, geology, geotechnics, geophysics, welding tests, etc.,
  • Determining the qualified consulting unit, obtaining the approval of the employer regarding the proposed method and performing referral work of employer’s request.
  • Selecting of the most suitable unit for the performance of the related services and the offer of the selected company to the employer.

Executive coordination services:

  • Delivery of the project to the contractors,
  • review and approval of the executive methods and organization of the contractors,
  • planning coordination meetings with the project executive agents, supervisory body, the employer and the contractors.
  • Solve issues and problems of the project and submitting necessary proposals through the supervision to the superior supervision.
  • Control of competence and technical skills of sensitive workers such as welders.

Quality control services:

  • controlling the quality of materials, equipment, and work performance.
  • periodic inspecting and controlling the operation of the workshop and the factory for the implementation of construction operations with drawings and technical specifications, standards, and the order of testing, and verification of tests performed such as welding tests, etc.,
  • provide a list of defects in the event of non-approval and follow-up of product defects.
  • Testing defective work, Measuring deformations, displacements and controlling permissible tolerances.