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Sepehr Saeed

Sepehr Saeed

Head of Architecture & Urban Planning Department

What Department of Architecture & Urban Planning Does


In  the  Department  of  Architecture  and  Urban  Planning of ANIN Co., we  creatively  design  construction  and industrial  projects, carry  out  landscaping,  prepare  site  plans and  design  urban  spaces  in a  comprehensive manner  from  the study  phase to  the execution  of plans.  Also, in  addition to the  above, the  interior design of projects is done professionally  by our  architecture  team. The  scope of projects designed so far includes office buildings,  medical  buildings,  educational  buildings,  cultural  buildings, sports  buildings  and  stadiums, security buildings, industrial buildings and sheds, urban areas and sites.

Based on the architectural design procedure, In the first stage, the expectations and demands of the client, the requirements and values ​​of the project are identified, then the relevant criteria and standards are studied  and carefully reviewed, and the site is carefully studied.

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In the second stage, by using the issues raised in the first stage, we proceeded to prepare a concept design,  and by implementing it on the site and examining its results and effects on the environment and its impact    on the environment. By implementing the design on the site and comprehensively examining its results and effects on the environment and environmental impacts on  the design, as well as the access routes, neighborhood, and the facade of the project, the design is finalized.

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In the third stage, after examining all the aspects of the concept design, the basic design drawings of the    project are prepared and depending on the type of project, its design is modeled and presented in specialized software.

Architectural Effect means creating a new and different sensation by creating attractive spaces that are the result of combining the experience and experimentation of creating designs and drawings in the past and creativity with the potentials of cutting-edge software and technologies.

In the fourth stage, by holding several joint interdisciplinary meetings with other disciplines, the studies of  other departments will be started in order to provide the necessary infrastructures for preparing detail design  drawings. (In this stage, based on organizational values, requirements and standards, the type of structural    systems, mechanical and electrical installation systems and the necessary infrastructures for each of them  are examined in detail and designed by the team).

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In the fifth stage, after the progress made in structural and mechanical engineering of the project, architectural detail design drawings are created in harmony with the design done in other disciplines anticipating the necessary mechanical infrastructures.

In the final stage, in addition to the comprehensive control of the documents in accordance with the engineering records of other disciplines, the estimation of the drawings, if necessary, and the tender documents of the project are submitted to the client.

In addition to engineering design services in the field of architecture and urban planning, management contract services and supervision (supreme and workshop) of the projects are also offered, the description and limits of  which are fully provided in the relevant departments.