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Behnam Rahmani

Director of Process Department


Ali Mokhtari

Director of Process Department

Process Department


The process unit of Anin Solid Mechanical Engineers Company has started its activities with the aim of  providing various  services  as  follows. This unit has the  ability to carry out the following activities  by using its strong and efficient forces in the field of designing industrial processes and procedures:

Designing different processes in Industries

  • Extraction and production of copper
  • Production of sponge iron
  • Steel making and rolling steel
  • Extraction of cooked lime and hydrated lime from limestone
  • Extraction and production of lead and zinc
  • Electrolysis of bauxite and aluminum production
  • Preparation of industrial and drinking water by desalination of seawater Paper preparation from limestone
  • Mercury extraction from gold factories waste
  • Preparation of sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid
  • Preparation and production of soda and potash

Preparing process documents based on the needs of  various  projects  such  as:

  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Piping & Instrument Diagram
  • Control Philosophy
  • Process Mass Balance
  • Process Energy Balance

Designing different processes in Industries

The  process   unit  approach   of  Anin   Solid   Mechanical   Engineers Company is to  make comprehensive  progress and create integration in the  design  and  engineering  of  industrial  projects.In  this  regard,  the following measures have been taken into consideration:

  • Continuous presence in the country’s industries and mines market
  • Training personnel based on UpToDate knowledge
  • Increase productivity in industries
  • Promotion of active staff of the company
  • Efforts to reduce the cost of projects
  • Recruiting experienced, expert and young forces
  • Continuous  development  and  improvement  of  telecommuting procedures
  • Providing technical and engineering services based on the latest standards


Some of the projects carried out in this unit over the past years are summarized below:

  • Preparation of technical documents and plans for reforming lime storage system in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
  • Reviewing and commenting on technical documents of contractors of the project to increase the capacity of unsealed thickeners in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
  • Preparation of technical documents and project plans to increase lime capacity in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
  • Preparation of technical documents and piping maps of water transfer from the new pump of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex to the high-cost factory
  • Reviewing and commenting on technical documents of contractor for Ahar lime factory construction project
  • Preparation of process documents for molybdenum dust collector project of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
  • Preparation of technical documents and plans for automation of mineral material handling system in Khatoon Abad ferro- molybdenum factory
  • Preparation of process maps and documents of Kerman, Rafsanjan and Shahrbabak stadiums
  • Preparation of process documents of mercury extraction factory from Aghdarreh gold mine wastes
  • Preparation of documents and process maps of development and reconstruction projects of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
  • Preparing preliminary documents for the 1 million ton aluminum factory project